Intellectual Property (IP) Framework and the economic security ranking

Pan-Iranist Progressive Elaborates:

We arrive at the age of sustainable development. As an intellectual pursuit, the sustainable development tries to make sense of the interactions of three complex systems: the world economy, global society, and the physical environment.

Rendering legal, financial, accounting, auditing and contracting required services for sustainable development captive outsourcing contracts throughout developing a framework for the intellectual property (IP) management and governance

  • Adoption and Uses of Non-profit Performance Evaluations as applied to IP
  • General governance principles as applied to IP
  • Best practices around auditing, measuring, optimizing, monitoring and protecting IP
  • IP governance and reporting structure
  • Strategies for avoiding risks of infringement
  • Decision-making around IP enforcement
  • Cross-border, accounting and tax issues involving IP
  • IP Checklist

By paying attention to the iterative and incremental "Change Management" processes and new definition for the government responsibility and task charters, the world’s nations will soon adopt Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) precisely to help guide the future course of economic and social development on the planet.

The SDGs call for socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth. To achieve the economic, social, and environmental objectives of the SDGs, a fourth objective must also be achieved: good governance.

Among these core functions of government are the provision of social services such as health care and education; the provision of infrastructure such as roads, ports, and power; the protection of individuals from crime and violence; the promotion of basic science and new technologies; and the implementation of regulations to protect the environment.

Same subject extends to the famous rich autonomous foundations and/or organizations that can play a role bolder than government on their own influential boundaries. 

Working on improvement of the Iranian economic security ranking - Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

New government should create small business reliability performance with intellectual property (IP) management and governance. They need to develop reliability field data analysis and improvement efforts on the intellectual property (IP) management and governance and direct the best Return on Investment (ROI) strategies by developing key performance indicators (KPI) that protect innovation through patents.

Small business is your world - Protect small business innovation through patents - Be aware of offensive and defensive competitive strategies through patent protection and foster a culture of innovation and patent protection and obtain and enforce patents.

New government needs to form executives in transition from a "bricks and mortar" based business to an IP-driven-business and make sure to have an in-house counsel engaged with the board in IP business strategy and private practice business advisors in law, accounting, licensing and regulatory compliance and involve:

Specialized senior personnel who advise corporations on:

- intellectual property,
- product development,
- R&D investments,
- technology transfer,
- customer loyalty and
- licensing

and should realize what an organization should be doing to audit, measure, optimize, monetize and protect IP:

Presidents and CEOs
Corporate Directors
Executives responsible for
- Finance,
- Marketing,
- Product Development,
- Law and Regulatory Compliance

Everyone needs to fulfill the promise that innovation is the key to the success and sustainability of a robust economy.

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