Monitor and Control Risks in a Sustainable Village Framework

The foundation for transformation and an agile movement. Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

Movements today are concerned with three main issues:

How can a member optimally run the transformation every day?
How can a member change quickly?
How can a member remain agile going forward?

To operate at your best every day, it is imperative that any adjustments in demand, supply, required work, resource capacity and peoples’ competencies can be handled easily.

The movement has to execute its operating model and adapt it easily. Architects, who are charged with changing the movement model, must know how work is done before re-configuring it.

Clarity on political strategic intent, movement capabilities, the end-to-end next government processes, the information tracing across the country, technology resources, and human competencies is essential to make required changes without risk.

The movement process architects have to be knowledgeable on how all these works together to best serve the day-to-day stakeholders for whom our value Woman Life Freedom streams are supposed to deliver value. The growing prevalence of construction fraud is not a myth or the product of hype - it's happening, and the stakes are high. 

As the majority of Iran’s population is failing to afford its essential expenses, the stellar #FouladMobarakeh scandal in the country has shocked society. The company is the country’s largest steel company, with its headquarters being based in Isfahan’s central province.

The Pan-Iranist Progressive worries about the construction industry outcomes in the long term, as some mega cities infrastructure have become really old and dangerous. The strong green policy, design codes and seismic residential building standards in the future of Iran where earthquakes happen a lot and should be followed in construction contracts. Light-weight steel has advantage over concrete material because helps reduce both the weight of green building and thus the seismic loads.

Cement is a strategic commodity, essential for any region economic security & infrastructure renewal & expansion.

IMPORTANT - We have already tolerated the pain caused by misfit mega city structures and damn builders for many years. Losing green prosperity to fraud perpetrated by construction contractors, subcontractors and venture partners has to be addressed properly. There would be no special green treatments. Not to forget the oil & gas resources & related activities involved in construction projects where the field of energy & petrochemical industries may ask for special green treatments as they bring most of the income for the government and it is easy to spoil the governments with the treats!

The push for the green prosperity fraud prevention has to start at the top of the organization and continue within policy support strategy. The Pan-Iranist Progressive insist other parties with more influence on the mega city municipality and construction job unions and related syndicates to double check with the new laws the large-scale contract conditions in construction and infrastructure development and related industries with the newest standards.

Note that the CEOs of giant construction companies may balk at the time and cost involved in implementing a green substantive fraud prevention program where political parties need to influence the large-scale projects!

Pan-Iranist Progressive Elaborates:

Years of struggle were truly crowned by applying the historic IRAN SHAHR citizenship rights

The monitoring and control process systematically tracks and evaluate the effectiveness of risk response actions against established policies and metrics. The business intelligence and transparency is a scientific dependent process in agriculture economy depending on different structures and information architecture.

Yet, in today’s farm structures, succeeding in managing this information and simplifying these processes is no easy task given the explosion in the amount of information farmer businessmen can collect and analyze. This has a direct impact on strengthening of rural life and the formation of reverse migration from cities to the new towns and/or villages to optimize the process.

The main phases of the agriculture industry include crop cultivation, water management, fertilizer application, fertigation, pest management, harvesting, post-harvest handling, transport of food products, packaging, food preservation, food processing/value addition, quality management, food safety, food storage, and food marketing.

All the activities involved within the main phase typically represents the invocation of an operation, a step in a business process, or an entire business process no matter what type of agriculture is considered. (Dry land, Irrigation, Subsistence or Industrial)

Re-establish the position of the villagers in the realization of economic policy as a source of survival strength for all the region by developing electronic Identity (eID) Data Cards with more options and functionalities

One of the main reason to immigrate from village to the city, is (has been) the radius of basic survival support among villagers and immigrants in suburb areas where and when the reality has already exposed women as the main victim of this type of immigration

The villager women in terms of intra-group support networks are more robust rather than their immigrant counterparts. The eID information cards are needed to scan and import data frequently to be able to play an oriented role at national level to plan how to provide the individual support.

The eID cards policy should be able to develop statistics as the essential social and scientific guard conditions and data should be established to play the environmental management checkpoint and callback procedure roles for all phases of the agriculture industry to coordinate guidelines within the standards ecological footprints of the agricultural sustainable development and mega city reverse engineering population trends.


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