Combining discrete-event and continuous models

If the new government can't see through the previous decision points, tax and guard guidelines developed in the past clearly, they will never be able to embrace the future properly. 

For example, we know for the fact that "the people's right for breathing" is for sale in some mega cities, especially in Tehran and Isfahan, at the present time! This is a need that should be addressed separately by each political party. If a political party is not able to represent a solution to a dilemma with a systematic approach, people know that it will possibly turn to a worse scenario!

An example for not having a systematic environmental approach to be outlined by predictive analytics algorithms, was destroying the opium poppy. There is a specific natural and agricultural history just for the opium poppy in Iranian plateau. We have destroyed a very important controlling specie that used to be the natural desertification element.

Pan-Iranist Progressive insist that the disruption of opium poppy needs to be elaborated by experts. Did we sacrifice our environment for the greater good of the world? What did we get instead? The animal's food chain disruption, the loss of the controlling element of natural dust storms and other intangible effects.

Publishing an e-letter to the attention of the head of the environmental organization of Iran couple of years back by Pan-Iranist Progressive. 

Environmental management system models may contain subsystems which are represented by differential equations and other interrelated processes which are represented by discrete-event model.

There are two types of events that may cause interaction between the discrete-events and continuous portion of the environmental management model. One of these is an event that occurs independent of the subsystem modeled by the differential equations, and the other is an event that occurs because of some functions of the dependent variables of the differential equations.

As an illustration of these event types, consider the simulation of "building constructions" and the sensitivity analysis of architecture where the motion change of the environment is represented by differential equations. The role of the architecture in a modified version of the "simulation control flowchart" will include the capability management of "sustainable development process" with integrating differential equations.

Sustainable development is a new management paradigm, one whose principles can be operationalized and used to improve how practitioners of all levels manage the complexity and dynamics of organizations, projects and programs. 

Reverse immigration in groundwater-dependent ecosystem. Let us find out how to bring about a successful  Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

Pan-Iranist Progressive insist that the reverse immigration is a national beyond border security clearance subject matter. The intangibles elements of the groundwater-dependent ecosystems systematic approaches should be discussed under different elements accordingly at 26th century Persian timeline. Clearly, there is much to improve on. We need to change not only our methods of earth stewardship, but also the very way we think about the relationship between human beings and nature.

One of the main reasons to immigrate from village to the city, is (has been) the radius of basic survival support of the groundwater-dependent ecosystems among villagers and immigrants in suburb areas where and when the reality has already exposed women as the main victim of this type of immigration.

The villager women in terms of intra-group support networks are more robust rather than their immigrant counterparts. The new governments should enhance the new eID information cards that would be needed to play an oriented role at national level and beyond to plan how to provide the individual support living in sensitive groundwater-dependent ecosystems and help reverse immigration through a sustainable development plan.

Hard facts about the immigration should be discussed by the new government including the personal and social psychology and psychiatric subject matters and the sustainable development systematic approach that need to develop as priority.

For example, the Value-Added Tax (VAT) in groundwater-dependent ecosystem areas could be different the way it is applied in other parts of the country to help reverse the immigration.

Optimization of the vast groundwater-dependent ecosystems of the Iranian Plateau. Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

Advanced Persian GANAT systems were introduced about 2500 years ago! (Reference to the International Association of Scientific Hydrology) The new government should acknowledge that the agriculture sector needs to be transformed over the coming decades as digital technology becomes embedded into every aspect of production and farm enterprise management. There would be a high level of industry engagement in topics such as big data analytics in agriculture and the Internet of Agricultural Things (IoAT) ...

The new government should prepare the infrastructure for the new and more efficient transportation methods and logistics to facilitate the optimization of the built-environment groundwater-dependent ecosystem as well.

An integrated groundwater-dependent ecosystems agriculture planning is necessary to comply with the natural rules of the bodies of water, mountains, deserts, jungles, hills, historic sites, conservation areas etc. condition monitoring trends, to be optimized continuously.

Agriculture is not natural - it is a human invention! It is also the basis of modern civilization. Yet agriculture is not uniform in its practices or productivity. Nor is agriculture static. Agriculture has significant ecological consequences, too: displaced forests and grasslands, greenhouse gas emissions from fertilizers and diesel-fueled farm machinery, and algae blooms from excess nutrient runoff.

When the geotechnical methods of the integrated groundwater-dependent ecosystems agriculture requirements are constant, it is necessary that the modern map of the energy for the infrastructure, logistics and transportation to conform with them. A large nuclear power reactor is already operating in Iran, and two more are planned.

Wetland protection is very time sensitive! 

Wetlands have always been highly dependent on climate patterns and variations. Building dams plays with the variants that effect climate patterns deeply. Climate change is projected to have significant impacts on the wetlands and the quality of air people breath, the agricultural conditions, food supply, and food security.

The character of the regulatory relation between governments will need to shift from confrontation to a time-sensitive collaboration to protect wetlands in a geo-technical policy development.

For example, time to stay abused and/or being misused by faulting the Iranian Plateau air condition by selfish damn buildings should be over. The new government should not waste time without proper consideration of time sensitive facts.

Climate change could result in a variety of impacts on wetlands in Iranian Plateau as well. Some of these effects are biophysical, some are ecological, and some are economic, including:

- Shifts in industrial and agricultural zones
- Shifts in natural resource pricing and energy sources
- Changes in production patterns due to higher temperatures
- Changing precipitation patterns
- Agricultural productivity impact
- Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
- Increased vulnerability to the Sun

Engagement Action

- Develop legal bonds to comply by policymakers outlined by scientists
- Join efforts between the politics and environmental institutions
- Extend the engagement efforts at the local, national and international levels
- Address the wetland challenges using moral and legal principles effectively
- Provide objective information on climate change risks and potential responses

Iconic hard questions such as disruption of the opium poppy and refreshing the clean air in mega cities in relation to higher level of truth should be asked before elections! Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.