This Nowruz within Piruz growing woman life freedom environmental consciousness, CSR

Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government. The Pan-Iranist Progressive Happy Culture prepares the young generations with inspirations and promotions to develop a moral business-driven strategic technology planning mindset.

The Pan-Iranist Progressive happy culture guarantees the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) Confidential Information, Trade Secrets and Competition Law for a long term.

Free versus fair competition in the context of intellectual property
Protecting trade secrets and confidential information
Management strategies in capturing and protecting ideas, information, know-how and innovation

The Pan-Iranist Progressive tries to make governments to make it easier to have and promote the green FDI contract models worldwide which are based on active partnership of green firms and transfer of technology essential to make an impact in war against climate change in nuclear, electricity, natural gas, oil, renewable and finance by the worldwide new generation help and support such as Stop Ecocide International and a safe energy diplomacy in Persian Gulf.

Environmental Consciousness CSR

Corporate Giving, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are popular concepts which have become integral to the businesses of several large and small companies around the world.

During Nowruz, it is the best time to promote the Nowruz Environmental Consciousness Prize for corporates involved in joint projects and sponsorship for Green NGOs.

A good green government architecture - Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

A well-formed government architecture can help untangle the confusion and deliver inherently adaptable sustainable development solutions. The ultimate benefit of a good green government architecture will be in governance model agility. This requires designing the right green solutions that provide the greatest return on investment to the government avoiding duplication of effort and developing capabilities once for multiple uses across the processes of the organization.

Without a solid transformational architecture, there will certainly be sub-optimization, redundancy and inconsistency across government operations with increasing difficulty to change fast later on.

Architects must define the multiple domains of the government and how they interact so any impact of proposed transformational changes that can be determined rapidly and changes being made with the surety they will work immediately. That means that defining and interconnecting strategy, environmental policy, information, processes, capabilities, technical and human resources and other domains is essential.

Green NGOs to take advantage of Big Data

Non-profit organizations, or NGOs, have become a growing tool for companies as they strive to reduce their environmental footprints while garnering business value. Not all major corporations have social responsibility programs and not all of them provide funding for Green NGOs to address various issues and problems of environment.

Many now view Green NGO-business sponsorship and/or partnerships on Big Data market as the rule, rather than the exception. Big data is highly impacting the way organizations use to work, it is arming organizations with critical data useful for their businesses and improving operational efficiency. It also helps companies to gain competitive advantage while creating new sources for revenue.
Explore the Future Growth Green NGOs Opportunities and Current Trends with Emerging Challenges of Big Data Technology

Big data market is witnessing a rapid growth due to the tremendous increase in organizational data. Enterprises have deployed the big data solutions to analyze and manage the data generated to assist in quick decision making process.

Additionally, the increase in number of mobile devices and apps, and the organizations shift from analog to digital technologies are few of the drivers driving this market.
Big data solution and services providers offer a great deal to Green NGOs in gaining insights which help them into better decision making and formulating effective green strategies. It also helps them in determining areas for cost and time reduction, causes of failure, highlighting defects in a real time basis. 

The Big Data market is segmented on the basis of component into solution and services. Further, on the basis of deployment model the global Big Data market is segmented into On-premise and cloud.

The Big Data market is also divided on the basis of industry vertical into Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Retail and Consumer Goods, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Manufacturing and others.

Get involve in joint projects and secure your sponsorship

Within the span of a year, the Nowruz Environmental Consciousness CSR Committee will interview corporate social responsibility experts, researchers in the field of environment who come from academic, political, cultural and artistic walks of life, establishing a non-governmental Nowruz aura empowered by Big Data trends, dedicated to the preservation of natural heritage, environment, and especially water resources.
Example - This is where the green NGOs joint projects will make sure that ministry of energy (Iran) to walk the talk of the power of water visibility – green performance benchmarking meets real-time information. 
It will also have a direct impact to elevate and expand sponsorship as well as public education on such subjects through setting up discussions among experts and professionals and representing the production of educational, informative and scientific data on relevant subjects.

Green NGOs will have a better traditional voice to invest heavily in building expertise in a range of areas, while at the same, the animosity that once existed between NGOs and the business community will gradually thaw!

This means that there would be fewer corporate groups that have clear policies on issuing grants to non-profits.  Such companies have dedicated budgets, separate CSR departments and regular call for proposals to offer funding to Green NGOs. Their policies are also very clear in supporting issues and NGOs around the world.