Water diplomacy meeting in general - A president or a prime minister?

A company is only as good as the people it keeps! Social Responsibility, Health, Safety and Environment. Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

It is obvious that one of the biggest problems for Iran is lack of a developed political platform or better said a new modern backbone for initiation political parties in a sense that can manage the day-to-day parliament challenges and different levels of elections in the country.

We understand that when you do not have mature political parties, having a president is more beneficial but if you are ready to trust your people and develop a backbone to initiate political parties in your society, a prime minister can get the job fast.

Where do we stand now! What’s the difference between a president and a prime minister? What is in it for preserving the heritage to have an iconic royal dynasty in place coordinated on the basis of the ancient social pillars of Iranian plateau?


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