Silk Road programme measures and policies to combat desertification

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- Spatial system dynamic model for regional desertification simulation

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New One Belt One Road and the World Nomad Traditional Games. Let us find out how to bring about a successful  Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

Contribution to the Silk-Road in-memory business glory of mankind is stretched from Italy to China and every government knows that Iranian plateau has had been a major player for millenniums. The new government should clarify the strategy it would take in regards of the New One Belt One Road (OBOR) and make public policy announcements. 

The new government should feel the need for an integrated approach in sustainable development, a shared intellectual property (IP) framework development as a key driver to attract better foreign direct investment and foster economic growth by encouraging R&D which is the reality of the future!

Such a great plural culture empowered by history of glorious empires through the history of mankind, we actually have that needs better appreciation. Being traditionally an agriculture-based economy, Iranian plateau unique local farmers sum of communities as a society and definition of the liberty has survived for millenniums no matter, at the present time they belong to the different local tribes all across Iranian plateau and millions in numbers of mixed bloodlines living in mega cities.

We need to prepare a platform to be able to elaborate about the pre-conditions to get started with a new government candidate election hard fact and the personal and social psychology and psychiatric subject matters to be interpreted and opened up the moral ethics, manners, thoughts, visions, needs and the previous deeds and capacities of each political candidate deeply by independent experts in front of the people after each debate, and/or their public presentations, while it is fresh.

It is an authentic Zoroastrian Persian custom designed, military grade expert policy advice and culture to consult moral psychology in major events. Not to forget the historic efforts of Mazdak and his followers struggle to extend this as a new social custom-made governance policy. The modern social sense of such a moral custom extends to the national election and formation of new political parties to be active in the city and village council members.

Intangible or Tangible Power of the Silk Road 

When somebody hear the word SILK ROAD, should first remember China and second Persia. The new government should realize that other members may leave Iran from the core business processes, that actually covers the significant business domains!

Iran should be counted as a major player in core business process of the OBOR because first things first this will optimize the Silk Road historical term and also provides enhancements for interoperability between the member states and types of businesses, we are talking a long long-term relationship!

A powerful actionable historical term such as Silk Road must always have the permanent call-to-action towards another initiative member so providing opportunity for the world to buy-in the Silk Road community power becomes more tangible when Iran is a major player. It’s all about building trust and credibility. This is particularly true of sustainable development, energy and food security of the world.


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