Enforcing environmental protection acts

Creating value and timeless treasures through:
  • history timeline transparency, 
  • politics, 
  • procurement and 
  • environmental requirements management for sustainability assessment 
following the theme of: 
  • smart, 
  • green and 
  • prosperous sensitivity analysis

Greenit House after the Jiroft Valley and memory of the Jiroft landlord, my great grand father, one of the last Zand dynasty survivor warriors who fought in Tangestan battle. Jiroft is a Bronze-age Persian civilization, before the emergence of Sumer or Mesopotamia. 

Sheltered by towering, rugged mountains on three sides, this hidden jewel is revealed to be a sprawling bronze age urban settlement, built by a magnificent kingdom whose existence had been previously excluded from history transparency documents. 

The discovery have led experts to hypothesize that the long-lost Jiroft culture is actually the location of the cradle of civilization, before the emergence of Sumer or Mesopotamia.

The selection of topics in this blog and the level of presentation are oriented toward making this material accessible to a wide variety of readers and toward providing a basis for further study in this subject area. You acknowledge, represent & agree that any political use of the slogans is entirely at your own risk. 

I have no duty or obligation to customize the pre-screen content for your special political needs and do not review the green party political postings for accuracy or compliance with applicable laws in different countries.

Creating value and timeless treasures through history intelligence transparency with commitment to the devotions being made during Afshar and Zand dynasty timeline and fill the gap for the continuation. I reveal the address of a blog https://www.greenithouse.com/ that represents an extension (spearhead) of Pan-Iranist political party thoughts and words independently, called Pan-Iranist Progressive party!

Empowered by thoughts that value the Safarrid dynasty as "the" only precise and on-time hard defense that preserved the official Iranian language, Farsi to the present time, I would like to explain the reason I choose the progressive extension and why expect elites to see the value and join and people support the party in large numbers! 

Progressive is used to express the status of an ancient value defined by the Zarathushtrian assembly translated from Pahlavi to English language directly. Find out more at https://www.pars.global/ I have not registered the party in Iran yet! It looks like that the Pan-Iranist party is banned to do activities in Iran for fund raising and public presentations at the present time! 

The progressive party would be a green minded party with attention to circular digital economy in Iranian Plateau where modern Zoroastrian mentality works as a pre-existing platform that helps prevail the cultural challenges of the region by helping the evolution of the Labor party and insist in giving priority to the campaign of Stop Ecocide International as the best legal option to help the planet. 

Join the group and get familiar with many posts that may help you get interested to join the party in the future! I would like to have your attention to one of the most straight forward songs that built the ancient empires of Persia (Gathas: 11-15) Zarathushtra is now addressing his own family members, the Haechataspa Spitamas ...

Join and leave your thoughts about the blog posts! People with the blood-ties of their ancestry similar to Afshar and Zand dynasties - the native tribes of Persia from rural areas are very welcome to join the group. It means a lot to the Pan-Iranist Progressive cause.

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Thank You for Helping Save the Environment!
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Ali Vosoughrad