Modern Small City, Town and Village

In order to build a better sustainable development outlook away from overreactions & overdone fears from downside mega city cycle risks, positive aspects in outstanding conditions of small city, town & village science or technology parks should be taken into account.

Bolder responsibility, better analysis and documentation with systematic Use Case scenarios to solve people's problems. Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

City and village council elections are among one of the most important events in Iranian Plateau. The fate of villages, towns and cities, the cultural and infrastructure structural terms that will have an impact over national/regional performance will be determined by the people who vote for better candidates, that are supported by a proper political party who takes responsibility of the past use cases and prepares for the future.

High-pressure work environments often come with a range of difficult conversations - usually involving giving and receiving challenging feedbacks. Whether it's confronting a colleague or asking for budget, these interactions can be challenging, and the stakes can feel high. Pan-Iranist Progressive recommends people to vote for those candidates that belong to a proper political party.

A political party that has developed a system and can own and take responsibility of use cases that can be standalone or to be extended by the next cycle and even next generation council members of their own party or even different party and be able to do better regional analysis to solve problems with a better understanding and documentation.

The political party members need to know technical terms and how to work with use cases such as how to apply the "Is Like" rule to the inheritance use case diagrams or the sentence "the [inheriting actor] is like the [parent actor name] should make sense in the use cases." Place an inheriting Actor below the Parent Actor.

To draw generalization relationship vertically, with the inheriting actor placed lower on the use case diagrams than the parent actor. The notation for indicating extension points within a use case bubble (life cycle of regional council member's information should be extraneous in their use case diagrams) etc.