Ancient Fact - Nobody understood better than Alexander the PARS global holistic property ecosystem, Persian business R&D to override a new empire

At least two ancient empires have been built on top of the PARS global holistic property ecosystem with different mission statements! Lets reference back to certain Persian principles that describes a collection of standards, conventions, and guidelines for developing effective transparency and service delivery.

It is based on unchangeable, proven principles that will lead to the cause of a greater good to connect the dots, understand and work with the correct business continuity and experience of PARS global holistic intellectual property ecosystem, Persian business R&D.

Pan-Iranist Progressive cares about and elaborates deeply the truth about Alexander and we try to put it on good use as Persians may have right even more than Europeans to his heritage!

Remember the major elements of Persian governance that have survived to the present day. Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

The new government should acknowledge the super-rich elements of the Persian governance, the heritage of the people who they want to serve in Iranian Plateau.

We used ancient lean knowledge management techniques empowered by the Zoroastrian religious approach. We established multi-language libraries – the early civilized political map development which led to ease supervising the largest ancient empire that history has ever seen, featuring the major governance elements such as:

- Moderate policy development
- Local governance-oriented architecture (SATRAPS)
- Business integrity and negotiations
- Multi-tier architecture designs 
- Political gifting strategies
- Artistic decorations made for foreign guests
- Athletic meets and game ceremonies
- Water management
- Fancy garden designs
- Brotherhood contracts
- Military maintenance and support by social classification
- Foreign mercenary management from Africa to China
- Large scale horse breeding
- Central payment processing
- Paycheck calculators
- Tax management
- Search for new financial capabilities overseas
- Medicine and agriculture development
- Travel payment and identity tablets
- Highway development (The Royal Road) and
- Punctual ancient message forwarding capabilities …

And in business, time is money and business intelligence timeline on the business was not a new subject! The scientific evidence dates back to the early Bronze Age (late 3rd millennium BC), The Jiroft civilization.

I need to address something  that resembles the Ibrahimic believes not in their core but in their branches! You should not forget the Mithraism immigration influence on the 1st ever waves of the new Christianity religion in Europe!

We had experienced a mix of Mithraism and Islamic religion, the last of such hybrid belief in Khorasan as BEHAFARID, where the iconic Khorasani hero

 (بهزادان پور ونداد هرمزد) 

was still alive and was negotiation a peace treaty between Muslims, half Muslim-Mithraism crowd (BEH-AFARID CROWD) and the new settled Muslims in Khorasan. His body was carried by military from the current Iraq to the be there for ever in the walls of the old city of Jerusalem. 

Many Zoroastrians immigrated to India without harm from Khorasan during his time period. I believe Europeans should have gone under the same kind of experience of mixed believes and political treaties before accepting Christ as their prophet at early stages of this new religion in Europe. When it comes to ancients, we share a very thin border lion line with specific group of Europeans which they have been under theft identity by other Europeans for centuries! domain name would be a great choice for services to be rendered for the Iran International Intellectual Property (IP) ecosystem support for global foreign direct investment and cooperation R&D designed to serve as the Persian IP framework.