The age of partnerships and collaboration


A fair share of our ethical ancient morals to be re-applied by using the technology to our daily lives. Increasingly it appears that for companies trying to carve out a niche in the FDI sector, partnering is no longer merely a viable option, but a business necessity.

Find out about the new progressive Pan-Iranist political style and how we meet our PARS global audience ideals during the 26th century of the official Persian calendar by green party tips, role of IT in environment, the true Iran history intelligence transparency and emotional intelligence, Pan-iranist progressive presentation for the 1st time and more 

Use cases to do better analysis - Let us find out how to bring about a successful  Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

City, town and village Iranian council elections should be the country's most important event in a bottom-up political development. The fate of villages and towns, the cultural and structural terms that will have an impact over regional performance will be determined by the people who vote for better candidates.

The important technical questions for voters may include:

Are you drowning again in requirements you cannot make sense of? Have the local Agile fanatics declared requirements are dead and your regional use cases deader? Do you spend more time figuring out if our city or village use cases are correct than you have an appetite just to be a council member? etc.

Pan-Iranist Progressive strongly would like to highlight the fact that traditional methods for use case development in city and village regional council (if even exist) have proven that have not been fast enough for the speed of modern analysis. People have to vote for those who can create use cases to do better regional analysis to solve their problems with a better understanding and documentation for next generation council members faster.

A candidate may be patriotic enough but if he/she cannot outlook his/her regional requirements, if candidate cannot understand and develop regional use cases to be used or extended in national level or do not have a team of experts to help him/her achieve the technical knowledge and geotechnical goals, he/she may not deserve to participate in council elections!