Hyperrealism (visual arts) status of Zand Dynasty and the bottom-up political party development process

Hyperrealism (visual arts) status of Zand Dynasty does not have the permission of all Zand dynasty descendants to be placed for public view or pictures taken and used in media whatsoever! It is not moral and it should be illegal.

If authorities really want to contribute to the memory of Zand dynasty, first thing first, they should start by reconstruction of the indoor space design of Arg of Karim Khan to what it was before "the" barbarian attack of Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar and his followers.

Is GOLD too expensive to be used for the reconstruction of the indoor decoration to the original form or you do not have the artist and the skills anymore, yes we know, it is both together and that particular image of Yaeghub_e Leis Safar.

Importance of feedback within the regional council members - Let us find out how to bring about a successful  Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

The Pan-Iranist Progressive group favorites, the bottom-up political party development process, done correctly. The bottom-up is so important for the high-pressure work environments which often come with a range of difficult conversations - usually involving giving and receiving personal feedbacks!

Whether it's confronting a colleague or asking for budget, these interactions can be challenging, and the stakes can feel high.

The new Iranian regional council members may find offering of alternatives to days of agonizing and dreading the conversation to come! Good quality candidates to regional council membership should be able to seize the opportunities to understand and practice a range of challenging reactions, receiving real-time feedbacks!

It's a rare chance to explore some risky conversations - in a risk-free setting. The regional council members should give feedback while aligning the regional needs of both national and regional level parties, uncovering underlying issues, while minimizing and diffusing conflict. Pan-Iranist Progressive calls it an intermediate bottom-up feedback process.