Jiroft, The Bronze-age Persian civilization, before the emergence of Sumer or Mesopotamia

Sheltered by towering, rugged mountains on three sides, this hidden jewel is revealed to be a sprawling  bronze age urban settlement, built by a magnificent kingdom whose existence had been previously excluded from history transparency documents. 

The discovery have led experts to hypothesize that the long-lost Jiroft culture is actually the location of the cradle of civilization, before the emergence of Sumer or Mesopotamia.

Pre-historic Artistic Figures, Perspectives and Significance

Many of the Jiroft ziggurat discoveries indicates the female muscle protein synthesis, providing us theories on pre-historic nutrition facts and daily diets. May be a gift to the Iranian Sports Science Institute!

We are looking forward for complimentary analytics data on all the Iranian plateau gene expressions. Pan-Iranist Progressive is all about the growth. 

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Getting Results without formal authority - Cross-cultural interactions and communications (Virtual Teams)

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How to think and act during troubled and crisis times - Building High Performance Teams and Goals

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Strategies for recognizing conflict, resolving issues and deadlocks - Negotiating & Conflict Management

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