War on Poverty (Green Policy Transformation)

Assist people living in rural areas alleviate their poverty through participatory natural resource management on a watershed basis. The green enforcement & policy development to empower the moral support strategy in contracts next generations desperately need. The green policy to transform the services component of economy, altering how activities are conducted & value is created. 

The millions in PARSI language communities of Iran and Afghanistan understand the sufferings of the Mongolian bloodline tribes and let others know about the terror! Teach your children the manners of true Persians, as you had illustrated in early period of invasion in your paintings! 

The copycats that became originals and all that face and wings, learning to fly or resting under the tree when the warrior horse is fighting the evil. The systematic killing of Mongolian bloodline tribes in Afghanistan should be stopped with any means necessary. They have been repeatedly targeted by deadly attacks, including the bombing of a school in Kabul earlier this year that killed 90.

It happened again couple of days ago - Do not kill innocents that had nothing to do with what the severe sufferings of your ancestors had to go through during the Mongolian invasion.

Zoroastrian Peoples, represent the principal ancient #Persian religion and culture, maintain unique traditions and possess unique knowledge, from the use of medicinal plants within a thousands of years old of the Iranian native tribes medical process and the Zoroastrian spiritual relationship with their surroundings. 

Last month's Faith for Ecocide law could be a great opportunity to take advantage of the influence of the Zoroastrian perspectives on an international crime of ecocide that were discussed amongst participants from many faith traditions & more than 50 countries.

Using financial ratios & analysis to access green contract's financial health as well as science based quantitative data & qualitative. Formulas for calculating & interpreting ratios, plus profit/cost analysis to be remodeled by the #green policy strategy enforcements. Transparency of official assets moves up the green agenda. Interpreting financial reports to support green decision-making & what measures assist green key-decision making to be conformed again & again with green policy strategies & enforcements. 

History intelligence transparency are used by revolutionary activists to communicate a higher version of truth to people. 

Pan-Iranist Progressive would like to stress the concern about the fact that environmental history intelligence transparency should be highlighted in every aspect of the new government.

Environmental history intelligence transparency evolves over the years. One of the most important campaigns that cares about the environmental history intelligence transparency is Stop Ecocide International. By following your own country's environmental history intelligence, you can improve the effectiveness of your thoughts about events covered for environmental assessment.

To highlight "the" sensitivity, environmental activists need to reference back to certain principles and develop a collection of standards, conventions, and guidelines for an effective history intelligence environmental transparency, specifically clear for those that deal with the unlawfulness political acts referenced back to Stop Ecocide International.

Most of these guidelines should turn to the unchangeable sound, proven principles that will lead to the cause of the events easier to connect the dots, understand and work with the correct experience explanation of the environmental protection acts.

These simple, concise facts and guidelines to be elaborated more and more, if applied and perceived consistently, will be an important first step in increasing knowledge in environmental protection acts.

I would also like to point out that a holistic intellectual property ecosystem how will encourage R&D and thereby help you realize your potential as a developed green economy including:

With respect to the constitutional law of your own country ...

- Recognition of the diverse business achievements of mankind, crystallizing cultural pluralism and creative human diversity

- Aware that positive and mutually beneficial interaction among businessmen has continued throughout human history despite impediments arising from intolerance, disputes and wars

- Welcoming the collective endeavor of the international community to enhance understanding through moral and constructive dialogue among businessmen on the third millennium of Iron age


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