Data and Performance Management Analyst - Stop trawling in Persian Gulf!

The International Maritime Organization has declared the Persian Gulf a special environmental zone, which is a semi-closed sea and is exploited by many countries. Trawling, which has been widely criticized for its use, causes damage to the seabed and coral reefs. It is estimated that each time the trawl net is pulled, about 5 to 25 percent of the seabed living environment is lost. 

Data and Performance Management Analyst - Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

Successful Iranian businesses outside the country have proven records of creating moral business ethics worldwide and foundation for dialogue among each other and the rest of the world for some time and today, to fulfil higher objectives through a diverse business, cultural, artistic, and scientific platform of events, it is needed to have more debates, fora, symposia and seminars designed to encourage exchange lean ideas about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

A new political campaign for Iran, needs an alternative Iranian asset manager firm with experience of at least having $ billions in assets under management. The asset manager firm should be able to offer a range of public and private investment promises that can be co-listed on the reputable stock exchanges! (reputation)

The newly established political campaign needs a Data and Performance Management Analyst that will act as a single-point-of-contact for the primary relationship with the asset manager firm corporate operations' strategic partners which include the process related to the transformation into a new government.

The asset manager firm's corporate operations should be an internal function providing global operations support across the newly established political campaign asset management delivered through a shared-service, client-focused model. The primary relationship focus will be to ensure governance oversight of strategic partners is achieved by adhering to contractual agreements, governance, financial and compliance requirements.

Issues may be raised on a timely basis with the strategic partners and solutions are developed including any required governance and regulatory policies for a successful transformation into a new government.

IT financial management tools and processes to empower government with ready access to IT cost transparency information such as cost, quality and value of IT applications and services. Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.

This information is also ideal for companies and organizations with more than $20 million of enterprise spending on all key areas of IT portfolio per year including key industry, infrastructure, applications and outsourcing measures for CIOs, CFOs of IT and IT professionals, infrastructure and IT cost transparency in e-governance applications.

The new government needs to expand the IT line of business consulting to include technology business management strategy so that every CIO, CFO or V.P of finance IT can apply to be a part of this business conversation, as well as a place to get involve with the Cost Transparency, IT Benchmarking, Business Insights, Bill of IT and IT Planning SaaS applications designed to manage IT like a true e-government function.

It is necessary to enhance the ability of CIOs and CFOs of IT to gain visibility to internal IT costs, reduce and optimize costs & consult with them how to provide a meaningful bill of IT to their users.

Aging IT Equipment, Shrinking Operational and Capital Dollars - How Do You Reconcile the Need?

As many of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) departments continue to age, the hardware is reaching thresholds where major repairs or replacements are needed. CIOs, asset managers and V. Ps of finance IT are facing the complex puzzle of how to balance their ICT capital expenditures and operating costs.

Getting a firm grasp of the mounting deferred IT maintenance, understanding regulatory changes, and managing health and safety risks are primary concerns impacting IT capital budgets.

Notwithstanding, adopting new hardware equipment and meeting comfort expectations of clients add to the complexity of the problem.

IT cost transparency solutions will provide data that helps a new government examine these challenges and offer some practical strategies to weather the economic storm and manage risk.

Financial transparency with new business planning and consolidation to model and perform 'what if' scenario analysis - Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

Implementation of a dedicated yet versatile consolidation applications help political party / government organizations such a new Iranian government to meet these challenges head-on by:

Increasing the transparency of consolidation adjustments allowing for the full reconciliation of general ledger statements with group consolidated results.

Automating manual steps such as inter-organizational postings and cash flow calculations, ensuring data is consistently and securely adjusted across the enterprise.

Allowing for the modelling of acquisitions or divestments, for both actual and plan data.

Reducing the cost of compliance with the implementation of a fully auditable and secure application.

Implementation of a Business Planning and Consolidation to drive the following benefits: Reduce the time and complexity to create annual budget. Model and perform 'what if' scenario analysis. Increase control over the budgeting process and move to rolling monthly forecasts with minimal incremental effort, etc.