Elevate Your Emotional Intelligence with a Realistic Portrait - Zand survivor prince. 18th-century. Fine arts museum - Saadabad Palace, Tehran


The Pan-Iranist Progressive's Instinct Credibility Discovery Starts Here!

Learn about the new progressive Pan-Iranist political style and how we meet our PARS global audience ideals during the 26th century of the official Persian calendar. We are waiting for the announcement from the Pan-Iranist party! Learn why Pan-Iranist never ignore the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict in Iranian plateau!

In practice, unofficial announcements often precede the official announcement. The Skeletons in the attics that Afshar and Zand dynasty governance are responsible for, may be too many to count here even by the name of the countries but I am sure they would be happy to know that we have not forgotten about them and we will never will. 

For example, the reporting that comes from Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict can differ in accuracy and in some cases be based on unverified facts, even rumors. Contradictory and sensationalistic statements may deepen mistrust and feed the perception in all Iranian plateau elections are rigged.

To prevent land dispute and election-related violence, we must ensure that the history intelligence and management of election results is transparent and that complaints are resolved effectively and professionally before the final results are announced. 

Security sector officials and armies must ensure that they act on signs of impending electoral violence and protect vulnerable individuals, groups and facilities. Other state and non-state actors can work at the grassroots level and with the key political actors to promote peace between different groups and peaceful implementation of the election results, especially if it involves the transition of power!