Gathas: Song 6- stanza 3 - Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government

Whoever is very good to the righteous whether a relative, or a member of the community, or, O Lord, a member of the fellowship, or serves the living world with zeal, lives indeed in the domain of righteousness and good mind. (Gathas: Song 6- stanza 3) 

Summary Substance 
He/she lives a life of righteousness and good mind who sincerely serves another righteous whoever he/she be -- a relative, a community member, a fellowship member or a world citizen. 

Pondering Points 
Discard discrimination, serve the righteous, and enjoy a well-thought righteous life.

With emphasize on the direct historic role of Zoroastrian belief and the strong intangible influence on Islamic development in Iranian Plateau principles, we would like to acknowledge the importance of having a Zoroastrian Shah as a serious alternative for the greater good of Iranian Plateau and the Pan-Irianist Progressive party of tomorrow!

Born new a Zoroastrian progressive vision of old Iranian monarch disciplines again with tangible heritage of better royal values. Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

The new government overall organizational alignment & integration with historic value disciplines can facilitate its political performance that will influence geo-technical discussions.

Pan-Iranist progressive recommends the new government and Iranian political parties to consider the higher version of truth, vision and mission of old Iranian monarchs, rooted in recent dynasties of Afshar and Zand dynasties who brough glory to Iran and died during bravery in Iran. 

Afshar dynasty is the one and only dynasty that did ask for what Iranian people were owed during centuries where and when no other dynasty acted upon about the 2nd vast national wealth transfer cycle by Mongolian after Arab aggressive force attacks and wealth transfers. 


Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government. Incorporating lean initiatives and practices into a program management process is a daunting task that can't be completed overnight! Instead, organizations should review the lean enablers report and then examine their own processes to see where changes can be made.

Knowledge management helps you achieve concrete strategies for tapping into latent knowledge to drive innovation projects, develop new products and services, improve efficiency, and ultimately increase your competitive advantage.

Organizational Knowledge and Business Performance

In the field of "knowledge management", it is important to properly identify and use existing knowledge resources in your organization to clarify how proper understanding and use of knowledge resources can mean greater profitability.

This can be done when you know how to harness the FIVE K's of knowledge management. You need to ensure you understand how each lean initiatives fits into the corporate framework, what synergies exist between initiatives, and the desired result of each initiative individually and holistically.

Taking holistic view translates the benefits of lean across the program and, in fact, across the organization - and reduces the risk of future bottlenecks.

Knowledge Resources, Decision Making and Problem Solving: Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

Learn the techniques that helps you fully leverage the organizational knowledge resources at your disposal. A lot of organizations use lean tools at the staff level, but they are rarely incorporated into project and program leadership and governance practice.

Key Strategies: Decision Making and Problem Solving

Decision-making as a strategic and systematic process
Elements in a systematic decision-making process
Methodology to make sound decisions

Managing Your Organization's Knowledge Resources

Based on advancements in the field of Knowledge Management (KM), it is inevitable not to focus on how knowledge resources stored within your organization - in personnel, processes, and systems - can be identified, developed, and harnessed to your advantage and the environment.

Lean enablers can be mapped to specific metrics, which helps teams validate their choices and defend their projects. Adoption of lean enablers provides support to management's decision by providing clear data to ensure that the most critical and strategic programs are delivered according to expectations.

Understanding the different kinds of knowledge resources and accurately identifying the ones within your organization and leveraging latent knowledge resources to generate innovative new products and services or revolutionary new processes.

Properly managing knowledge resources so they continue to generate additional value over the long term.

Increasing organizational productivity by fully utilizing specific knowledge resources in the most effective and efficient way and implementing knowledge resources mobilization on your own, with others, and on teams.

Better and more effective collaboration with people who have different learning styles and know different things than you do. The biggest challenge is selecting the right enablers that will add the most value. At the present time, the Lean Enablers Equation is about identifying opportunities and execution, which results in improving the quality, productivity and efficiency.

Understanding how lean enablers work together allows project and program leaders to increase their impact and push their organization to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

In accordance with Pan-Iranist Progressive commitment to serve the moral profession and deliver volunteer service awareness excellence, I recommend:

Allow people-driven lean enablers have a stronger voice in politics. Taking a lean approach to program planning, stakeholder management and project implementation, much of the waste can be eliminated.

Allow people interested in environmental sustainability practice areas to continue sharing knowledge and building their networks within a related, more stable and vibrant green community.

Encourage leaders to remain involved as contributing subject matter experts.

Improved alignment of environmental sustainability's content and knowledge delivery with the needs and interests of people, thereby strengthening the value that all green communities of practice deliver to members.