Middleclass is your future spotlight

The Importance and priority of the middleclass for Pan-Iranist Progressive party - We will get there! 

According to statistics and objective observations, the class gap is in a deplorable state at the prsent time in Iran. The fact is that the middle class is getting weaker every day, which, of course, is not new and will not cure the pain. But by cutting off warnings of the consequences, it may increase decision-makers' sensitivity to immediate action! 

Pan-Iranist Progressive party demands the empowerment of having independent political parties made of the middleclass in all Iranian Plateau! Middleclass is your future!

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Quick change and importance of software development. 

Let us find out how to bring about a successful  Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government. Quick change means that the transformation's architects must know the interactions among the change process components so that when the government model is being renewed and/or transformed, they can describe what’s needed and design with deliberate integrity, reuse and inherent agility in mind.

To be clear, ‘Agile’ software development will not solve this problem due to immense complexity in issues other than software. Fast software development without an architectural underpinning can easily impair ease of change later.

A solid architecture that assures the avoidance of redundancy, maximizes the sharing of capabilities and makes best use of supporting resources is essential. With a sound architectural foundation, government-wide transformation, digitization and continuous optimization can be accomplished and change efforts can progress smoothly. 

Iran becomes full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Pan Iranist Progressive value the facts and not the political and economic fictions! Dealing officially with governments of the regions that were part of Iranian empire 300 years ago, to remember many civilians and soldiers who died for being a proud citizen of Iran, is not an easy task, if your ancestors have taken the oath to preserve and protect.

Source: صفحه اصلی – ساعت ۲۴ (saat24.news)

National level small business pricing, logistics and retail management improvement. 

Let us find out how to bring about a successful  Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government. The new government should acknowledge that Iranian small business is what that will build the Iranian world and it needs a definite bottom-up multidimensional anti-corruption approach using the new technologies.

Reality of controlling the trade zones, logistic management, import, export with a broker-based mentality of service offering, all have to change for better. The new government should prepare to develop a real enforcement to the regional network-based retail price developers and service delivery pricing all the way to the formal union, regional council member and parliamentary level resignations is just the beginning.

A healthy small business needs a transparent space to thrive. No time to mistake the situation with political municipality level fights and/or retail import export political or rich party plays. The new government logistics, small business pricing and retail management improvement is going to be a well-educated social movement towards launching a top-down management level war on bottom-up poverty and corruption social level challenges!

It is obvious that some political parties have strong bonds with those who fear transparency at all levels. We expect more from independent free spirit fighters of those parties that believe in business intelligence space transparency at all levels to promote the fact that today’s consumers want more than a transaction, they’re looking for a relationship.

Iranian Plateau Improvement of infrastructure and logistics performance in Silk Road. 

The new government should work on improvement of infrastructure and logistics performance, the core and supplementary business processes geotechnical response time to the New One Belt One Road (OBOR) with proper geopolitical policy development and planning.

- Developing framework on in-memory enterprise support
- Break geopolitical barriers by simplifying Silk Road geotechnical landscapes
- Eliminate the prefabrication processes that hurts small business intelligence space
- Respect traditions and modernize with a streamlined, real-time business data
- Define new possibilities by streamlining complexities for real-time responsiveness
- Sustainable policies informing development actions with timely access to information
- Unleashing innovation to transform how Silk Road creates, performs, and connects

Pan-Iranist Progressive collaborates with Pan-Turkist and Pan-Arab political parties to develop rich middle class in all lands once part of Achaemenid empire