About Pan-Iranist Progressive

When Pan-Iranist political party does not have even one act of violence for more than half a century political and parliament-based life span, and being a victim paying the ultimate price by loosing the life of one the founders stabbed to death, it has come to our attention that under Ideology tab of the Pan-Iranist presentation page in Wikipedia we have historical links with keywords: Ultranationalism, Chauvinism, Irredentism, Expansionism and Far-right! We will not give a free pass to this false presentation!

The objective is to support the creation in Iranian plateau of an environment where young people can grow up free from discrimination, confident about their identity and future perspectives, and appreciate their history, plural cultural backgrounds and affiliations as young people, being proud of sharing their Persian DNA, as citizens of their countries and as active Pan-Iranist progressive member to pursue "the" framework development for "the" integrated Iranian plateau environmental management. 

We develop a process for continuation of the historic roots of the Pan-Iranist ideologies by respecting our traditions and embracing the future empowered by the Zoroastrian definition of progressive by the Zarathushtrian assembly, thanks to this very useful non-profit, non-political religious corporation which is incorporated in California. Pan-Iranist Progressive recommends strongly the power of the legitimate royal bloodline fame of AFSHAR and ZAND dynasty as well, for the greater good of the Pan-Iranist political party fate and the progressive cause in Iranian Plateau. 

Pan-Iranist Progressive only approves the scientific methods as well as the legit court orders for the identity verification. The military remembrance and endorsements are welcome thanks to the Afshar and Zand strategies empowered by history intelligence transparency. Certain historic and official apologies are needed in order this to work smoothly for everyone! As a survivor of a mixed older royal-dynasties bloodlines, I am humbled that Pan-Iranist political party made my duty as a volunteer that was expected to be only a temporary subject to a traditional oath for the national movement of children of Cyrus (Cyrus the Great), to become an instinct credibility discovery journey, thanks again to the vision, mission and intangibles of my ancestors and Pan-Iranist original charter. Get ready for the new era of social maturity and responsibility with affordable public ancestry DNA services worldwide!