Thanks to people of Kerman

There are a few ideas, political points of view, environmental awareness and green campaign support and rules we've put in place to make your experience more useful and meaningful. Find out about them at Pan-Iranist Progressive group with the cover image is the turret at the Karim Khan Zand (King of Persia) citadel built in 1766-7 located in downtown Shiraz city, Iran. 

Special thanks to the people of the older Kerman city for devotion, sacrifice and their ancestry consideration in anticipation for a prosperous Iranian plateau with Zand dynasty leadership. To remember the great arts of work lost in citadel forever during semi civil war imposed by Agha Mohammad Khan Gajar, lets remember the iconic image of the most important King of Persia after Yazdgerd the third, Yaghub Leis Safar that was painted by the command of Karim Khan Zand. Long live his efforts that save the Persian language.