Afshar and Zand Dynasties flags presented in Wikipedia page

Pan-Iranist Progressive understands the need foreseen by the SARVAR Mohsen Pezeshkpour, the founder of the PanIranist party, although the use of the Qajar and Pahlavi flag that we do pursue is totally a royal right by blood and/or bloodlines of older dynasties based on the tradition of the ancestry oath of the military and people of Iran.

In case we accept the Afshar and Zand Dynasties flags presented in Wikipedia page as original design, there is only one rule for official flying of the flags. Bloodline permission period. If you want to show your respect and support by using the same style flag on your events, they should be flying at least two meters and a half above the ground although it is not governed by any Iranian legislation but by established practice and convention. 

Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government.


Exploit the hidden knowledge in your organization to increase efficiency and drive innovation in new policy development and help environmental sustainability. Organizations shouldn't be overwhelmed by the sheer number of the enabler options.

What we lack for a long time

- The biggest transformation journey starts with a single step. Applying even more lean enabler can make a difference. Lean doesn't replace good thinking, it enhances it.

Assessing Your personal power base

  - Being a Leader Your Team Wants to Follow

Differentiating between leadership and management

  - Enabling collaboration (vs. competition) & creating synergy

Getting Results without formal authority

  - Cross-cultural interactions and communications (Virtual Teams)

Ethical behavior

  - What is it and how can it benefit you and/or damage environment

Team negotiating techniques

  - When and how to conduct negotiating "martial arts"

Facilitating Group Problem Solving and Decision-Making

  - Avoid the pitfalls of groupthink

  - Mandatory Elements

How to think and act during troubled and crisis times

  - Building High Performance Teams and Goals

Balancing workload and harmonizing personality types

Unifying the virtual team's culture and cultivating productivity

Strategies for recognizing conflict, resolving issues and deadlocks

  - Negotiating & Conflict Management

Managing negative politics

  - How to persuade others

  - Motivating good performers ...

An outstanding value, choose the right solution. 

Let us find out how to bring about a successful Woman Life Freedom transformation into a new government. Pan-Iranist Progressive would like to send a message to all Iranian political parties! 

Flip a Naderi coin to get heads or tails! No matter it is a head or tail, the middleclass Iranian citizens were the real winner! The present day foreign direct investment (FDI) trends and intellectual property (IP) modern period - Are you selling benefits or looking for more profits?

Energy consumption optimization and change management. Let us find out how to bring about a successful #Woman_Life_Freedom transformation into a new government.

Energy consumption optimization should be a priority and its project portfolio management are key to the new government success in a long long-term period. Change management early portfolio for the new government may include:

- Change management for "the" executive elites (Integral)
- Change management in military maintenance (Encapsulated)
- Change management in agriculture development (Continuous)
- Change management in industrial development (Continuous)

If political parties are not capable to match the old macro policies with the new the needs, how do you expect from city and village councils to deal with change management in micro level!

Iranian privatization organization policy in the new government should develop "Change Management" rather than focus on leadership! The whole rationale for "why" one invests in the change in the first place and how it can take you through the techniques and processes for prioritizing/selecting the energy consumption projects through to feedback on "the" realization of the benefits from the energy consumption model change from infrastructure development and technology transition to government or corporate levels HR and ordinary people awareness.

We live with technology surrounding us, so fully integrated into our lives that it has fundamentally shifted human expectation and behaviors. We need workshops that challenge our engineers to think critically about technology trends as they relate to energy consumption optimization. Effective energy optimization changes projects demand heightened leadership and change management expertise to motivate and unite PEOPLE behind the project vision, ensuring continuous alignment teams with strategic energy consumption optimization goals.

With focus on change management, energy consumption optimization and communication management, we have to learn about user energy consumption optimization adaptability and the impact of technology in shifting change thresholds. Pan-Iranist Progressive believe the real action should shift and take place in rural areas to reverse population immigration.