The royal sins

The royal sins are sins that extends to series of unfortunate or criminal acts or events that impact the national heritage, assets and even the intellectual property of the cultural intangibles. 

For example, the Zand dynasty treasures that Mohammad Shah of Qajar did mass murdered people of Kerman and never found them were not supposed to be taken away from the landlord of Jiroft or the looted artifacts and the vessels that were recovered many years later with the false identification of the so-called “intercultural style” type of pottery known from Mesopotamia and the Iranian Plateau that came from Jiroft is the result of the assassination's of Jiroft landlord, etc...

Lets understand the layer under the motto of Reza Shah happy spirit as it truly does not relate to what he (prince Reza) has to offer! It does not even concerns the Mohammad Reza Shah efforts. 

That relates to the sins of Reza Shah specifically the royal sins applied to the Zand and Afshar dynasty survivors most specifically for me inheriting a cold royal court case back from the time of Mohammad Reza Shah happened in Jiroft, although others may also have claims on the sins of Reza Shah such as some the survivors of the chief or head of our native Persian tribes back in time of Reza Shah as well as the survivors of Qajar dynasty. Pahlavi patriotic crowd need to understand this once and for all what does it mean Reza Shah Happy Spirit.

This iconic page of Shahnameh with special meaning for patriotic LOR people of Iran was the property of the Jiroft landlord, stolen from his living room after his assassination

It's like people who do not understand the response of the military elites to the crown worries in Ferdowsi famous patriotic or better said nationalism line of poetry: ... چو ایران نباشد تن من مباد