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I have had already pass through the MAGIC Communication Ad of the Pars TV, the Pahlavi most patriotic and educated crowd including sponsors, professors, doctors, engineers, business men, merchants, artists, teachers, students, scientists, professional influencers, and perhaps astronauts but surely best friends and supporters in funeral of Mohammad Reza Shah in Egypt, the royal bloodlines of older dynasties and what else more do you require? 

I will get you all under my skin! Lol.

High five or not, all of those programs I remember including the Persian Iran-ban Bahram Abtin, a native son of the chief bloodline from the heart of PARSE. MASJED SOLEYMAN. He calls PAHLAVI dynasty members, a PALANI family to make the point. 

اظهارات شاهزاده رضا پهلوی درباره الهام‌بخش بودن کوروش کبیر برای توماس جفرسون

For me, the Parsi elites' recommendation to change Palani to Pahlavi was a step in the right direction at the time, the thing is that on top of the point of Iranban Bahram Abtion realize your real position and do not provoke acts that may lead to an Iranian civil war. I am talking about prince Reza political ambitions that has replaced his focus from defending the heritage of Pahlavi dynasty to some dangerous game of liberating Iran with new foreign friends and media!

Prince Reza Interview

So yes, while high sensitivity for the Cyrus the Great Persian heritage itself is not synonymous with narcissistic Pahlavi patriotic crowd tendencies I have personally observed in social media and Pars TV in Los angels when it comes to Pahlavi dynasty, Cyrus the Great is their focus, this crowd try to express themselves by morphing into highly-sensitive-based narcissism in an individual such as, Mohammad Reza Shah. Why? 

I guess psychology and deep feelings and patriotism for who? The sanctioned people or your own satisfaction. Oh we all know how that worked. It worked for me but it did not work for Mohammad Reza Shah. Thanks for drawing attention to the topic the royal sins! 

The rental royal flags of Qajar and Pahlavi are already expired to the older self version! Do not disappoint the next crown! Who knows? You have no idea how Islamic Republic (the will of people of Iran at the end as usual for centuries before and after Islam) can turn policies and have someone who may come from a more powerful and reputable royal bloodline.

I am a hybrid bloodline of Zand and Afshar dynasties! All my ancestry rights have been removed although my ancestors during last 200 years have not being left alone to have a normal life until my great grand father, famous to be one of the largest landlords of the south of country with coin treasure barring the Zand dynasty brand was killed in Jiroft and my Afshar bloodline ancestors being kicked out of their living land in Saadabad complex where the current President of Iran is living, after being held as a hostage by Gajar dynasty rulers for over a century! 

The time played as our partner, to be left alone or ignored by the last two dynasty members of Iran and the Islamic republic authorities. Just because some powerful and rich should not feel being embarrassed to face me with the rights that my Iranian heritage ancestry developed by their achievements far from what they have at hand at the present time, the embarrassment, being shy or mad have felt and/or encountered with many people on behalf of the rich and powerful jealousy, historic defeat and/or false political or religious transparency! 

One thing does not change the fact that, we as my bloodline, did made possible the impossible for Iranians without getting them involved with the principle of their choice, in particular, their religion believes or personal attitudes. The International day of Persia project, featuring the architect of the imperial Persian system of government, Cyrus the Great is the last cause for the last male in line of such hybrid bloodline at the present time! 

I do represent the Pan-Iranist Progressive party to fill the gap of crying for a hero to educate a political party to be more practical with my personal thoughts formed by mathematical way of thinking about the real world. I believe that I had help to gain the skill of "the" Instinct Credibility Discovery by supernatural! LOL and thank you for your kind consideration in anticipation for a prosperous Iranian Plateau.


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