To keep the consistency of royal heritage alive in constitution of Iran

Remember the disruptive Safari process! At Pan-Iranist Progressive, we elevate emotional intelligence and use it for motivating the new and old members specifically by preserving the identity of Zand and Afshar dynasties of Persia with the design and development of a modern and progressive disruptive process, rather than street names, statues and bridges!

There is an opportunity, if people support the royal heritage of older dynasties with an honest commitment, the value of the independence of their ancestors who took an oath to guard the realm and be able to change their energy with dedication to Iranian plateau environment to maintain competitive edge with new established political states and believe in circular economy to keep the consistency of royal heritage alive in constitution without starting a civil war or semi-civil war or whatever you may call it a violent experience! 

The two images above from different timeline of Sadabad royal complex who represent a sword with heritage value of the Zand dynasty have lost their limited-time royal and national political value! 

Pan-Iranist progressive emphasis on the importance of managing the risk of royal dynasties misuse of copyright material that represent the glory of the nature of Iranian Plateau, specific timeline of specific race, including reputational risks, should be a serious subject for librarians, elites and university students. It may covers a range of issues even informative for students in high school or primary schools, including: auditing and valuing royal-marks, adopted exclusive names and titles, legal principles and strategies for land protection, treasure auditing steps from previous dynasties, valuation and royal military credit, and governance and reputation strategy - both competitive positioning and the national support.

Building national trust is life-time skill development of instinct credibility discovery here at Pan-Iranist Progressive ( and at the end - there is no guarantee for success! The 1st ancient dog breed that was to put to be an imperial Guardian in Persepolis still barks the planet today! No. It's not a roaming. G. - Not a cat family - or a LION, although got the same size ball!

Maintaining a good reputation is hard work, but losing one is all too easy. That is an observation of more than 2500 years of monarchy government pros and cons. Just a Zand dynasty survivor manifest!

Reason to bring the subject public by the great-grandson is to preserve identity within the continuation of the Pan-Iranist empowered by the Zoroastrian definition of progressive.

The push behind the force to comeback: 

Presenting the idea of "the" Official International Day of Persia and recommend the official holiday days in Iranian calendar for the nerve racking day 19th of June 1747 - the annual memorial warrior ceremony in respect of the most powerful king of the world in his timeline, Nader Shah Afshar.

All information is provided in good faith.


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